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Certification Programme

CFP certification is the highest standard in financial planning. 


Over 40 years of history, it is generally regarded by employers and the public as the highest professional distinction in the financial planning profession. It is also the only globally recognized symbol of excellence for financial planning, recognized by total of 26 countries worldwide. 


With CFP certification, you will acquire the credential, comprehensive knowledge in personal financial planning, on-going competency training, best standards of practice and code of ethics, that will confidently set you apart from the rest of financial professionals and intermediaries in the wealth management market. 

"70% of CFP professionals say CFP certification has had a positive impact on their knowledge, their confidence with clients, and client trust"

- ORC International, 2013

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Demand for financial planning is growing fast

"73% of people rank their finances as the most significant source of stress in their life."

-2021 Capital One CreditWise survey

It is undeniable that the rise of uncertain economy times,  frequent legislation change, proliferation of new financial products, lack of formal financial education and lack of time make it very difficult for a lot of people to manage their finances effectively for achieving financial security and financial independence. 

People are also getting tired with products pushing practice and inappropriate advices by many transaction-oriented financial intermediaries that's seemingly not helping their finances progressing anywhere. 

More and more people are starting recognizing the benefits of financial planning that can help to put them in control of their own financial future. With a solid financial plan in place, it’s easier for them to make right financial decisions, set appropriate long- and short-term goals, and make sure they are on track to achieve those goals with their limited resources. A financial plan also helps them respond to life and market changes better while avoiding major setbacks to their finance.

"54% percent of people with financial plan felt "very confident" they would reach their financial goals, compared with only 18% of people who are without a financial plan."

- Charles Schwab

In the recent research by Financial Planning Standards Board, it shows that financial planners will see a significant rise in demand for their services over the next few years. 

Old Asian couple depositing for a new house

Benefits of

Global Recognition

Recognized by regulators, institutions and consumers in 26 countries across the world

More Employable & Career Enhancement

Preferential recruitment by more than 30 largest financial institutions and 20 largest financial planning firms in Malaysia

Quit Transactional Based Client Relationship

No more product pushing needed and focus on value added client- focused relationship with the competency provided by CFP certification

Improve Client Satisfaction, Confidence & Trust

90% of clients are reported would feel more confident working with a financial planner who has a financial planning designation and 70% of clients prefer an advisor who has the ability to look at their whole financial situation. CFP professionals can expect to have long term sustainable business relationship with their clints.

Increase Revenue Stream & Profitability

About 70% of financial professionals say that becoming CFP professional had positive impact on their income due to "competitive edge" over financial planners who do not hold the credential

Lower Compliance Risk & Complaints

About 70% of firms indicate CFP professional lower compliance and legal risks compared to those who are not certified

Financial Exam Exemptions

Holder of CFP certification can be exempted from Computerized Unit Trust Examination (CUTE), Computerized Private Retirement Scheme Examination (CPRE), Certificate Examination in Investment-Linked Life Insurance (CEILI), Pre-Contract Examination for Insurance Agents (PCEIA)

Perquisite for License Application

Recognized by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia as one of the prerequisites for the application of the Capital Markets Services license and Financial Adviser's license respectively

Eligible for CPD Training Hours

Eligible for CPD points under FIMM’s Continuing Professional Development programme.

Programme Fee Eligible for EPF Withdrawal

The fees for the programme are eligible for withdrawal for education purposes under the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Claimable Under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

The fees for the programme is eligible for training grant under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

International Community

Be part of an international community of financial professionals who are committed to committed to uphold the rigorous global standard in financial planning and putting their client interest first. Be invited to networking events and industry related gatherings.

How Can You Help Your Clients With

Getting Out of Debt Crisis

Avoid or Protect Against Bankruptcy

Achieve Financial Independence

Budget Management

Protecting against & Dealing with Major Financial Set Backs

Defense Against Financial Pretenders & Predators

Building & Maintaining Multi Generational Family Wealth

Achieve & Maintain Wealth Secrecy

Efficient and Secured Estate Distribution

Building and Managing Investment Portfolio

Analyzing Investment Assets

Discover Market Opportunities & Detect Market Threats Early

Achieve Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle

Better Children Education

Minimize Tax Liabilities

And Many More...

Business Meeting

Career Options for
Certified Financial Planner

Who Hires Certified Financial Planners?

Business Partners at Work

Financial Planning/ Wealth Management Firms

Canary Wharf London


Insurance Consultation

Insurance Companies

Stockbroker Analyzing Graphs

Asset Management Companies

Stock Ticker Board

Brokerage Firms

Judge's Table

Estate Planning Firms

Financial District

Financial Services Firms

What Career Options?

Financial Planning

Debt Management

Risk and Insurance Management

Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Advisory

Investment Research & Analysis

Investment Trading

Banking Operations & Management

Estate Planning

Financial Product Development

Entreprenuerial Opportunities

And More...

" I was fortunate to be a student of Frederick Ang when he was lecturing for Certified Financial Planning at Disted College, Penang. It was due to his deep knowledge and ability to draw parallels between market forces and the impact on wealth that got me interested to learn more about Financial Planning as a wholistic wealth planning solution. This happened despite my being in a totally different industry and skillset.

Frederick is generous with his knowledge and he strives for his students to think independently and to have an opinion and view on wealth creation, wealth preservation and wealth growth. He present the knowledge in a systematic and effortless manner with simple to understand language and examples. "

Remakantan Ramachandran, Investment Manager

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