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Training to Excellence

Welcome to Wealthgo Plus!

We are Malaysia based education provider that provide high quality financial education and other technical education that aim to fully develop your potential and enable you to participate and compete effectively in free societies and the world of work.

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Our Programmes

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Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Certification Programme

The CFP           designation is a professional certification mark conferred by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM), an affiliate of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).  CFP           designation represents the standard of excellence in the field of financial planning for the competency, professionalism and ethical practice it provides. The designation is recognized and valued by regulators, institutions and consumers, spanning 26 countries.

In Malaysia, CFP qualification is duly recognized by both the Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia as one of the prerequisites for the application of the Capital Markets Services license and Financial Adviser’s license respectively.



Continuing Professional 

Capital Market Professionals Developing Programmes

The SIDC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program is dedicated to enriching the expertise, abilities, and proficiencies of capital market professionals across Malaysia. It is aligned with the Industry Competency Framework for the professional development of Capital Markets Services Representative Licence (CMSRL) holders and Eligible Registered Persons (ERPs). By attending the CPE programme, the participants can keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in the capital market, as well as comply with the regulatory requirements of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

Continuing Education

Financial Planning Professionals Developing Programmes

Continuing Education (CE) by FPAM is a programme that aims to provide ongoing learning opportunities for financial planning professionals in Malaysia. CE helps the financial planners to update their knowledge and skills, as well as to adhere to the ethical standards of the profession. CE also enhances the public trust and recognition of the CFP mark as the gold standard in financial planning. CE points are also recognized by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for the licensing and registration of financial planners.

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Continuing Professional

Unit Trust Consultants (UTC)
Developing Programmes

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by FIMM is a programme that aims to improve the knowledge and skills of unit trust consultants (UTCs) in Malaysia. It is designed to ensure that UTCs develop and maintain the technical and professional competency necessary to provide good advice and services to their clients. 

Human Resource Development

Workforce Developing Programmes

HRD refers to employee training, career development, performance development, mentoring, coaching, tuition assistance and other activities that are related to developing a workforce for higher performance, increased job satisfaction and better motivation.  HRD programme can help bringing up company productivity and profitability and becoming a preferred employer for talents.

Advanced Financial 
Mastery Classes

Advanced Level Financial Programme

Advanced level financial programmes are designed to help financial professionals to bring their comprehensive financial planning competency to whole new level. These practicality-focused programmes will enable financial professional to manage larger and more complex clients' financial portfolios right away with greater confidence, faster execution, and standout financial results. 

Our Commitments

This is how we define as quality education


Objective Driven

Helping you to reach destination, nothing else matters.


Result Oriented

We measure the consequences or outcomes of actions, activities, and demonstrated competencies


Complexities Simplified

Education is made simple and assessable to you. 


Enable Individual Transformation

We understand education only provides true value when it enables change to take place inside of you. We help each student for their transformation.


Practicality Focused

Step by step procedures that are applicable in real world


Taught by Practitioners

All programmes are taught by practitioners to enhance learning experience and learning effectiveness

Remakantan Ramachandran 

Investment Manager

“provided the student life skills that can be applied in practical "

Mohamed Shahrul Bin Isa


"helped me to put everything together and gain a whole new perspective"

Linda Wong Xing Hui 


“made it so assessable even to a layman like me”


105-08-01 Jalan Gurdwara, Hexagon Tech Park, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

+60 12 428 8098 (Elena)

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