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CPE, CPD and CE Continuous Education Programmes

Elevating Professional Growth, Empowering Financial Professionals

Whether you are a capital market professional, a unit trust consultant, or a financial planner, you need to keep learning and growing to meet the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic and competitive industry. That’s why we offer a range of continuing education programmes that are designed to help you achieve your professional goals and maintain your registration, certification, or membership with the relevant authorities and associations.

Our continuing education programmes include:

  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programmes: These programmes are for capital market professionals in Malaysia, such as CMSRL holders and ERPs. They are aligned with the Industry Competency Framework, which defines the competency levels and learning outcomes for different roles and functions in the capital market. You need to obtain a minimum of 20 CPE points in a year to renew your registration with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). By attending these programmes, you will gain the relevant knowledge and skills to perform your duties effectively and ethically in the capital market.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes: These programmes are for unit trust consultants (UTCs) in Malaysia. They cover both industry-related and soft skills topics. Industry-related topics include product knowledge, regulatory updates, market analysis, and investment strategies. Soft skills topics include communication, presentation, negotiation, and customer service skills. You need to obtain a minimum of 16 CPD points in a year to renew your registration with FIMM. By attending these programmes, you will keep up with the changing market conditions and investors’ expectations, as well as enhance your confidence and credibility in the unit trust industry.

  • Continuing Education (CE) Programmes: These programmes are for financial planning professionals in Malaysia, such as CFP certificants and FPAM members. They cover topics related to financial planning and its related disciplines. You need to obtain a minimum of 20 CE points in a year, and CE points are also recognized by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for the licensing and registration of financial planners. By attending these programmes, you will update your knowledge and skills, as well as adhere to the ethical standards of the profession. CE also enhances the public trust and recognition of the CFP mark as the gold standard in financial planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and network with your peers. Enroll in our continuing education programmes today and take your career to the next level!



Elevating Professional Growth, Driving Excellence

  • Unparalleled expertise from industry experts and seasoned professionals

  • Prioritization of practical application and hands-on learning, ensuring tangible skill development.

  • Cutting-edge curriculum at the forefront of the financial landscape

  • Focus on delivering exceptional outcomes through a results-driven approach

  • Experience transformative career growth, shaping  trajectory in the financial sector

  • Cultivate an innovative mindset, providing strategies to surpass competition

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities within professional community

  • Integration of ethical standards and professional conduct

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List of Our
CPE,CPD & CE Programmes

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Investor Protection Professional Certification (IPPC) Workshop

Market Analysis _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Enhance your professional skills with the specialized qualification that complies with the regulatory guidelines for selling and marketing structured products and unlisted debt securities.


IPPC qualification is jointly awarded by ACI–Financial Markets Association Malaysia (FMAM) and AICB, will enable you to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in the capital market and build confidence among investors.

Offered in both Physical Class & Online Class

For both corporate students & individual students

" I was fortunate to be a student of Frederick Ang when he was lecturing for Certified Financial Planning at Disted College, Penang. It was due to his deep knowledge and ability to draw parallels between market forces and the impact on wealth that got me interested to learn more about Financial Planning as a wholistic wealth planning solution. This happened despite my being in a totally different industry and skillset.

Frederick is generous with his knowledge and he strives for his students to think independently and to have an opinion and view on wealth creation, wealth preservation and wealth growth. He present the knowledge in a systematic and effortless manner with simple to understand language and examples. "

Remakantan Ramachandran, Investment Manager

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